SABIC Careers 2023; Job Vacancy In U.A.E

SABIC Careers 2023; Job Vacancy In U.A.E –


Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) groups published their latest job vacancies on the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) website’s careers page. These jobs are located in U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Philippines, Singapore, India, China & Canada. Getting these wonderful jobs requires a simple online application process only. All job seekers can apply directly to the company through the below links. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) groups looking for enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players, who are passionate and enjoy the challenges of working for a rapidly growing global organization.

Company/OrganizationHotel Name Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
Job Location

U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Philippines, Singapore, India, China & Canada

Nationality Any
Education Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma/Plus Two
Salary Range Not Disclosed
Benefits Attractive Salary, Accommodation, and others


About Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

SABIC is a global diversified chemicals company, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We manufacture on a global scale in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, making distinctly different kinds of products:  chemicals, commodity and high performance plastics, agri-nutrients and metals. We support our customers by identifying and developing opportunities in key end-use applications such as construction, medical devices, packaging, agri-nutrients, electrical and electronics, transportation and clean energy. Our production in 2020 was 60.8 million metric tons.

We have more than 33,000 employees worldwide and operates in around 50 countries. Fostering innovation and a spirit of ingenuity, we have 9,000+ global patent filings, and significant research resources with innovation hubs in five key geographies – USA, Europe, Middle East, South Asia and North Asia.


Vacancy Details; Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)


Post Name Location Department
Process Engineer Houston, TX, US Implementation & Growth   Support
Senior Product Development Scientist –   Polypropylene Geleen, NL PP Products EUR
Sr. Scientist, Applied Statistics Houston, TX, US STC-K or H Data and Comput.   Sciences MEA
Process Engineer Houston, TX, US PDP Poly Technologies
Sr. Scientist Mt Vernon, IN, US Analytical Science Lab MtV
Bus Dev Manager, Chemicals, KR/JP Seoul, KP Glycols & FCA SEA & NEA
Specialist, Controllership, Netherlands Bergen Op Zoom, NL • Geleen, NL •   Sittard, NL Controllership, Netherlands
Chemisch procesoperator Hydotreater plant Geleen, NL Hydrotreater plant
Product Development Mt Vernon, IN, US T&I Americas
Engineer, MDTS Automotive Wixom, MI, US MDTS Automotive AME
Sr. Manager, GLB TECH FF Others, US • Mt Vernon, IN, US FF Technology
Material Developer – Polypropylene Geleen, NL PP Products EUR
Specialist, Safety Engineer Burkville, AL, US • Mt Vernon, IN,   US • Ottawa, IL, US • Selkirk, NY, US • Bay St Louis, MS, US Americas Region, EHSS
Application Design & Simulations   Specialist Wixom, MI, US • Houston, TX, US Predictive Engineering &   Design
Analyst, Invoice Management APAC Nansha, CN Invoice Management APAC
Specialist, HRBP Mt Vernon, IN, US Mt. Vernon
Product Coordinator, FF AMR Mt Vernon, IN, US PM Sheet AME SPE
Specialist, Knowledge & Resources Mgt Houston, TX, US Resources & Knowledge   Management
Sr. Manager, Communication AMR Houston, TX, US Communication AMR
Lead Engineer, Project Dev & Controls Burkville, AL, US BKV Technical
Sr. Mgr, Technology TP Mt Vernon, IN, US PC LF & PBT Mt. Vernon
Sr. Analyst, Mfg SAP Continuous Improv Mt Vernon, IN, US E&E Segment EMEA
Sales Development Manager EUR E&E Bergen Op Zoom, NL BKV Brine & Plant 9
Lead Engineer, Operations Burkville, AL, US BI Chemicals
Specialist,BI Global Functional   Chem&LAO Shanghai, CN Logistics – East
Analyst, Log-Central, GSC Solids, GC Shanghai, CN E&PM Gelsenkirchen
Project Portfolio Manager E&PM Gelsenkirchen, DE Site Central Engineering
Lead Engineer, Process Control   Instrumentation Ottawa, IL, US Specialties Global Manufacturing
Sr. Engineer, Mechanical Reliability Selkirk, NY, US Planning Compounding Operations
Sr. Analyst, Material Planner Houston, TX, US Manufacturing
Associate Vadodara, IN Implementation & Growth   Support
Process Engineer Houston, TX, US Formulation & Application   AMR/EUR
Product Development Specialist – LNP and   NORYL Technology Bergen Op Zoom, NL AN BU IND
Specialist, Agri-Nutrients, India Gurugram, IN IT App Services, Americas
SAP Specialist, IT Application Services –   Logistics Execution (LE) Houston, TX, US Americas
Specialist, Direct Tax Houston, TX, US EUR Region Projects
Manager European Engineering Services Geleen, NL Controllership India
Specialist, Controllership India Gurugram, IN • Bangalore, IN PDP Chemical / Agri Technologies
Lead Scientist, APAC Bangalore, IN BKV Asset Engineering
Sr. Reliability Engineer (Utilities) Burkville, AL, US EP AMR
Sr. Analyst, Academic Advisor Houston, TX, US Maintenance PP E&I
Technician E & I Gelsenkirchen, DE Direct Tax Americas
Trainee, Finance Intern Houston, TX, US Tax Controllership
Global Tax Controller Amsterdam, NL Americas
Specialist Indirect Taxes Americas Houston, TX, US Technology Ventures (MEA)
Sr. Specialist,Tech. Ventures (China) Shanghai, CN • Beijing, CN PDP Chemical / Agri Technologies
Staff Scientist, (APAC) Bangalore, IN MDTS Automotive APAC
Sr. Engineer, MDTS Automotive Shanghai, CN MDTS Automotive APAC
Engineer, MDTS Automotive Pune, IN Controllership Americas
Administrative Assistant Houston, TX, US Regional Sales NAM South/US
Sr Manager Sales North America Houston, TX, US Operations PP Shift 555
Operator (it), Operations PP Geleen, NL Process Risk Management
Engineer, Process Safety Bay St Louis, MS, US • Ottawa, IL,   US • Burkville, AL, US • Houston, TX, US • Selkirk, NY, US • Mt Vernon, IN,   US PU, Asia
Sales Account Manager, ROA Singapore, SG Sales Auto MEX
Sales Account Manager, MEX Others, MX BKV Technical
Sr. Technical Manager Burkville, AL, US AMR Business Development
Sr. Specialist Business Development Houston, TX, US SFS Mfg Tech AME SPE
Electrical Automation Engineer Mt Vernon, IN, US North Tees Maintenance
Lead Engineer, Construction Management Teesside, GB MDTS Automotive AME
Lead Engineer, MDTS Automotive Mexico, MX SFS AOL Mfg AME SPE
Sr. Engineer, FF Mfg AMR Mt Vernon, IN, US AME
Engineer, Marketing Development &   Technical Support Health Care Others, US • Houston, TX, US Market Development AME
Senior Engineer, Market Development   Technical Support Americas Houston, TX, US AN BU IND
Specialist, Agri-Nutrients, India Gurugram, IN Invoice Management AMR
Sr Analyst, Invoice Management, AMR Houston, TX, US Product Costing AMR
Trainee, Finance Intern Mt Vernon, IN, US IR Reporting, Research &   Analytics
Sr. Analyst, IR Report, Researc &   Analyt Bangalore, IN Technical Asset Eng. APM &   Rotating
Reliability Engineer Geleen, NL Oxy & FCA India
Sr. Manager, Oxy & FCA India Gurugram, IN Engineering Science
Chief Scientist Houston, TX, US Operational Procurement BOZ / RDV
Operational Purchaser Bergen Op Zoom, NL Workforce Development
Specialist, Workforce Development Mt Vernon, IN, US AMR Business Development
Sr. Specialist, Business Development Houston, TX, US Catalyst
Sr. Manager, Catalyst Bangalore, IN BKV Resin/Phosgene
Sr. Engineer, Operations Burkville, AL, US BPA
Manager, BPA Mt Vernon, IN, US Market Development ROA
Engineer, Market Development, ROA Singapore, SG • Jakarta, ID LDPE
Senior Process Technology Development   Engineer LDPE-(EVA) Teesside, GB • Geleen, NL Payroll
Sr. Analyst, Payroll Selkirk, NY, US BKV Resin/Phosgene
Chem Ops Operator Burkville, AL, US BKV Resin/Phosgene
Chem Ops Operator Burkville, AL, US Product Costing AMR
Sr Accountant, Product Costing AMR Houston, TX, US • Bay St Louis,   MS, US • Ottawa, IL, US • Burkville, AL, US • Mt Vernon, IN, US Americas Counsel
Sr. Paralegal Houston, TX, US Credit Management APAC
Sr Analyst, Credit Management APAC Shanghai, CN Controllership, North America
Trainee, Finance Intern Houston, TX, US CPP AOL
Operator Mt Vernon, IN, US Fixed Asset Management MEA &   APAC
Sr Analyst, Fixed Assets Management Campinas, BR HR Administration
Human Resources Intern Texas, US • Houston, TX, US Site Process Automation
Engineer, OT Systems, Cyber Security Mt Vernon, IN, US Site Central Engineering
Sr.Eng, Ope.Tech. Systems Cyber Security Ottawa, IL, US PDP Chemical / Agri Technologies
Sr. Scientist, (APAC) Bangalore, IN Product Supply Controllership
Specialist Portfolio Accounting M&A Amsterdam, NL AMR Material
Product Developer, Material Science Mt Vernon, IN, US Americas Counsel
Sr. Counsel US Employment Houston, TX, US BKV Maintenance
Engineer, Maintenance Burkville, AL, US Glycols, Olefins & FCA India
Manager, Chemicals, Ind Mumbai, IN • Gurugram, IN System and Data Management
Specialist, System and Data Management Others, IN • Bangalore, IN •   Mumbai, IN • Vadodara, IN Oxy & FCA India
Sr. Manager, Oxy & FCA India Gurugram, IN EHSS/O&M Wixom
Specialist, EHSS O&M Wixom, MI, US Market Development & Technical   Support
Scientist, Market Development   Technological Support Agronomist (Midwest US) Others, US • Houston, TX, US BKV EHSS
Sr. Engineer, Environmental Burkville, AL, US Compliance & Litigation
Sr. Counsel Compliance, AMR Houston, TX, US Lexan Finishing
Sr. Manager, Lexan Finishing Mt Vernon, IN, US Smart Panels & Lighting
Technology Project Leader – Smart Panels   and Lighting (Automotive) Wixom, MI, US Quality Assurance
Supervisor, Lab Quality Bergen Op Zoom, NL PSM
Lead Engineer, Process Safety Management Mt Vernon, IN, US AMS SC
Supply Chain Procurement Category Manager Houston, TX, US CM Business Services
Category Manager – IT Telecommunications Houston, TX, US PC LF & PBT Mt. Vernon
Technology Process Engineer (R&D   Projects) Mt Vernon, IN, US Global Brand Management
Specialist, Branding AMR Houston, TX, US South China + GAM
Sr. Manager, Sales, Petchem, GC Shenzhen, CN CS Glycols, GC
Representative, CS, SC-Liquids, GC Shanghai, CN BoZ Maintenance Execution   SF&S/LXF ETD
Technician Maintenance ETD Bergen Op Zoom, NL Site EHS
Sr. Engineer, Process Safety Ottawa, IL, US Pilot Plant Technology
Sr. Manager, Pilot Plant Technology Bangalore, IN EHSS
(Sr.) Sicherheitsingenieur Gelsenkirchen, DE Maintenance Polymer
Technician, Metallurgical   Maintenance_Temporal Cartagena, ES EHSS
(Sr.) Sicherheitsingenieur Gelsenkirchen, DE Manufacturing
Associate Vadodara, IN Global Tax Planning&Risk   Management
Sr. Specialist, Tax Risk Management Amsterdam, NL Process Automation & E&I
Specialist, PAEI Category, Global   Indirect Houston, TX, US TM PO EMEA & AME
Engineer, TM PO Campinas, BR Chemical Operations Chloor   Utilities
Trainer, Chemical Operations Bergen Op Zoom, NL Americas Counsel
Sr. Counsel (Little Ferry, NJ) Others, US • Texas, US Site Process Automation
Specialist, Operations Technology Bay St Louis, MS, US • Ottawa, IL,   US • Burkville, AL, US • Mt Vernon, IN, US Regional Directs
Category Manager (Energy & Gases) Houston, TX, US India EHSS
Specialist, EHSS Bangalore, IN Product Supply Controllership
Sr. Specialist, Product Costing Amsterdam, NL QA Mfg IN SPE
Associate Vadodara, IN Logistics – SEA
Sr. Analyst, Logistics, SEA & ANZ,   GSC Solids, ROA Singapore, SG AOL – Chem Ops
Chemical Operations Manager Bay St Louis, MS, US Packaging
Lead Engineer, MD Americas Houston, TX, US Procurement Cent EU Gelsenkirchen,   WNS
Buyer, Operational Purchasing Gelsenkirchen, DE Technical
Sr. Engineer, Sustainability & Energy Gelsenkirchen, DE Process Control
Engineer, OT systems Gelsenkirchen, DE Area Maintenance LDPE
Maintenance Engineer – LDPE & Wilton   Logistics Others, GB America Sales
Sales Acc Mgr, Chemicals Sales America Houston, TX, US Operational Standard Reporting
Specialist, Management Reporting Amsterdam, NL Smart Panels & Lighting &   ETP Trim
Marketing Manager, Automotive Trim   (Interior/Exterior) Wixom, MI, US FF Supply Chain Americas
Sr. Manager, FF Supply Chain AMR Mt Vernon, IN, US



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