How to recover deleted photos and videos from any android smartphone

How to recover deleted photos and videos from any android smartphone:- Do you need to recover deleted data? Do you need to retrieve data after you inadvertently emptied the recycling bin? Do you have an insatiable need to investigate your hard drive’s (or other storage device’s) past activities? DiskDigger can scan any disc and show you everything—good or bad—that’s stored on it.


Obviously, this free programme can’t perform miracles, so it won’t be able to fix any corrupted files it discovers, and it also won’t be able to restore a file that’s been erased. If the file you’re looking for is indeed on your hard drive, it will be located thanks to the thorough scan that is performed.


DiskDigger’s portability and lack of need for setup make it a suitable choice for use with removable media. A search of a disc can be performed invisibly. Without getting too 007, this also implies it’s compact and light. It’s easy to use; just select the drive you want to search and the file extension you’re looking for, and it’ll go to work. Searching a large HDD can take some time, but it’s well worth it if you’re looking for anything specific.

Unfortunately, DiskDigger lacks a search function, so you will have to go through the found files manually. However, when you do find something, there is an option to save it wherever you wish.

We hope that future versions of DiskDigger will have a search function, but for now it’s great as a comprehensive drive scanner.

Help in restoring files shot on a RED camera (REDCODE,.R3D). Help for retrieving OpenDocument files in various formats, such as OpenDocument Text (.ODT), OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ODS), OpenDocument Presentation (.ODP), and OpenDocument Graphics (.OGG). Files of the Windows Metafile (.WMF) and Enhanced Metafile (.EMF) varieties, as well as their compressed counterparts (.WMZ and.EMF), can be recovered. Support for restoring.ZIP files has been bolstered. Support for locating FAT12 partitions on hard drives and disc images has been enhanced. New and improved Turkish translation (by Harun Ar, perhaps?)


Every time you scan a disc using DiskDigger, you have the option between two different modes of operation. The two settings are referred to as “dig deep” and “dig deeper.” For a quick rundown of what each mode has to offer, here it is:

DiskDigger’s scans can be run in one of two ways, but both are possible at once. Each mode is distinguished from the others by a set of characteristics that make them useful in specialised contexts.

  • Files deleted by accident can be recovered from FAT (FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32), NTFS, and exFAT drives.
  • Retrieve any format of lost data.
  • Apply a name and size filter to the recovered files.
  • You can sort the recovered files by name, size, creation date, and directory.

Are you curious in the contents of your old hard drive? DiskDigger allows you to see behind the scenes. Just to see what happens, take a dip (or throw away that old drive)! Using DiskDigger, you can restore lost data without spending a dime.

If you need to retrieve some images from a computer or other device, DiskDigger can do it for you. DiskDigger can sift through and recover lost data from the memory cards of numerous digital cameras, including Nikon and Canon.

As a former Windows engineer at Microsoft’s early stages, I am grateful to the advancements in storage technology that allowed me to amass a massive data set on my computer.

DiskDigger is a programme that can bring back lost data. It also allows you to restore any additional files that are no longer in use by any programmes currently active on your computer. DiskDigger checks all free space on your hard drive and any external drives linked to your computer for data that can be recovered.

Do you want the best data backup and protection available so that you never lose precious images and videos? DiskDigger simplifies the process by providing a reliable and simple tool. Check out the full list of capabilities for additional information.

DiskDigger is a programme that can be used to salvage information from a wide range of media. DiskDigger can be used to retrieve images from digital cameras’ memory cards or from a computer’s hard drive. DiskDigger and other technology advancements make it possible to recover data that you may have thought was gone forever.


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