General Civil Aviation Authority Job Vacancy in UAE – Gulf Job Vacancy 2023

General Civil Aviation Authority Job Vacancy in UAE:- The General Civil Aviation Authority was established in 1996 by Federal Cabinet Decree (Law 4) with the goal of strengthening the aviation sector inside the United Arab Emirates and its upper space. It is responsible for regulating civil aviation and offering authorised aviation services while adhering to safety and security.


General Civil Aviation Authority UAE

Since 1996, the Authority has come a long way and taken on daring new projects in an effort to better serve its stakeholders and customers in the civil aviation industry. Since 1996, a lot of new initiatives and projects have been started, and the outcomes have generally been great. Examples include the modernization of the air traffic control centre programme, the installation of radar equipment, and the construction of additional facilities to support the expansion of civil aviation in the UAE.

The GCAA is in charge of providing en-route air navigation services and overseeing all areas of flight safety as the exclusive body for controlling and regulating civil aviation in the UAE. The Sheikh Zayed Centre, a new air navigation centre operated by the GCAA that was opened in late 2009, is regarded as the biggest and busiest air traffic control facility in the Middle East as well as one of the most technologically sophisticated centres in terms of its architecture.

Available Job Vacancies in GCA UAE

Job Title Location
Specialist – Oversight & Inspection UAE
Senior Specialist – Enterprise Risk Management UAE
Internship (PRP) UAE
Flight Dispatcher UAE
Senior Officer – Air Traffic Operations UAE
Specialist – Aviation Security Regulations UAE
Specialist – Flight Recorders, Laboratory & Investigation Technology UAE
Expert – Air Transport UAE
Logistic Specialist UAE
Officer – IT Quality Assurance UAE
Senior Specialist – Aviation Security Regulations UAE
Assistant Manager – Corporate Legal Services UAE

How to apply for these jobs?

Please use the above list to apply for GCAA Jobs. The job title that corresponds to your designation is clickable. You’ll be redirected to the General Civil Aviation Authority’s official careers website.

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