Top 5 Wallpaper Apps for Android and iPhone

Trying to find a phone wallpaper app? You’re in the right spot. You may spend hours searching through the thousands of available apps for the one that has the exact wallpaper you’re looking for.


Don’t worry, because we’re going to show you the 8 best wallpaper apps for iOS and Android right now. The best wallpapers and backdrops for your mobile devices are just a tap away with these top-rated and widely-used free wallpaper apps. Let’s get set for some fantastic desktop backgrounds!

The best wallpaper apps

1. Google Wallpapers

If you’re looking for free wallpapers for your Android device, the Google Wallpaper app has you covered with thousands of beautiful options. You can choose from a wide variety of landscapes, portraits, animal images, and more. It also has 4K wallpapers that can be used as the background on your home or lock screen.

Amazingly, you can select the “Daily Wallpaper” feature to inject some lightheartedness into your mobile device’s default wallpaper. In this setting, your mobile device’s display will dynamically update once each day. Don’t pass up your chance to use the top Android wallpaper app.

Available in Google Play Store

2. ZEDGE: Wallpapers & Backgrounds

ZEDGE is a website where you can find high-definition (HD) and ultra-high-definition (4K) wallpapers for your phone or tablet. There are millions of unique wallpaper patterns available online, such as scenic backdrops, motivational quotes, fan art, and more.

If you want your screen to be decorated with nifty video effects, you may acquire live wallpapers in addition to the standard wallpapers. Battery life is preserved because it only activates when the screen is on.

It also has an AI wallpaper builder that lets you create your own wallpapers by typing words and phrases into a painting interface. And in a matter of seconds, you can picture the wallpapers of your dreams.

Zedge App Available in Google Play Store / App Store

3. Backdrops – Wallpaper App

The backdrop provides numerous handcrafted and original wallpapers for your iPhone or Android device. You can obtain exclusive wallpapers that enliven your mobile device’s display. In addition, the Backdrop wallpaper design team will update free original wallpapers and backgrounds daily to expand your collection.

Additionally, this free iPhone and Android wallpaper app is intuitive and user-friendly. Its interface makes it simple to locate the HD wallpapers you desire. You still have access to aesthetic wallpapers created by artists.

backdrops available in Google Play Store / App Store

4. Walli: 4K Wallpaper App for Android and ios

Another great wallpaper app is Walli. There are many original pieces there by a wide range of artists. Everything imaginable is available here. Word backdrops, abstract art, fantastical subjects, and portraits are all big sellers.

The software has a straightforward design and useful categorization features. It’s also a great place for creative types to peddle their stuff. Unique items that can’t be found anywhere else are abundant here. You can also buy goods to show your support for the creators.

Walli App available in Google Play Store / App Store

5. Tapet – Wallpaper App for Android

You probably won’t see the same wallpaper twice thanks to the revolutionary Tapet wallpaper software, which automatically switches wallpapers on the hour or every day. Simply switch to the random wallpaper option, and you’ll be treated to brand-new backgrounds every hour or day.

Furthermore, the Tapet app will generate new wallpaper backgrounds that suit your device’s screen resolution, negating the need to acquire HD wallpapers or 4K wallpapers from the internet.

Tapet App available in Google Play Store

These are some of the finest wallpaper apps currently available for Android and iOS. We would choose the Backdrops app if we had to choose just one. It is extremely user-friendly and offers a multitude of options across numerous categories.

Additionally, it is updated frequently, so you can expect to discover something new and exciting each time you launch the application. It also allows you to implement the wallpaper without leaving the application, so give it a try.

If you prefer something distinctive, you can also opt for alternatives such as Tapet or SwirlWalls.

Changing the wallpaper of your home screen can only do so much to alter the overall appearance of your Android phone, so don’t forget to check out our list of the best icon packs, launchers, and more to completely customize your experience. We also have a straightforward guide to help you begin customizing your Android home screen, so download some apps and start exploring!