Kerala Lottery Result Today – Live Updates [Official]

Kerala Lottery Result Today:- Everyone can easily check the lottery results on this page. The result will be published on this website at 2:50 p.m. when the official drawing is started. Kerala lottery results today will be announced shortly. The Kerala Government started the lottery for the benefit of the normal people of Kerala. Many lower-class family members are living with the commission of selling Kerala lotteries.


Kerala Lottery Result

Many lucky winners changed their lifestyles after winning the bumper prices of the Kerala lottery. Bumper Lucky Draws usually happen in Festival Seasons. Onam Bumper, Vishu Bumper, Monsoon Bumper, and many more. The first prize of these tickets is 25 Bigger than Usual Lotteries.

There are Seven types of Normal lottery tickets produced by the Kerala government on usual days. Win Win, Sthree Sakthi, Fifty Fifty, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya and Akshaya. Those tickets are drawn from Monday to Sunday. The prices and prizes of each lottery are varied.

Kerala Lottery Result

Win Win Lottery is drawn in Every Monday. The Sthree Sakthi Lottery is drawn every Tuesday, and fifty lotteries will be drawn every Wednesday. The Karunya Plus Lottery will be Drawn on Thursdays, the Nirmal Lottery will be drawn on Fridays, the Karunya Lottery on Saturdays, and Akshaya on Sundays.


Kerala Lottery Result Win Win

The Win Win Lottery is usually drawn in every Monday.  The first prize of the win-win lottery is 75 Lakh Indian Rupee. The consolation Prize for a win-win is Rs.8000. The Second Prize of the Lottery is Five Lakh Indian Rupees. The third Prize of the Lottery is One Lakh Rupee.  The fourth Prize is 5000 Rupees. 5th Prize 2000 and 6th Prize 1000. Matched numbers will get a chance to win 500 and 100 as the 7th and 8th prizes. The Kerala Lottery Result will be published here every Monday. You can easily access those at any time.

Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Sakthi

The SThree Sakthi Lottery will be drawn on Tuesday every week. The first Prize of the lottery is 75 Lakh Rupee. The consolation Prize is 8000 Rupees.  One lucky winner will get the second prize of Rs. 10 Lakh. The third prize of the Sthree Sakthi lottery is 5000, and 4th Prize for many lucky winners will be 2000 rupees. 5th Position Holder will get 1000 Rupees. The 6th prize is 500 Rupee. The 7th Prize is 200 Rupees. The 8th Prize is 100 rupees. The result of the Sthree Sakthi Lottery will be published on this website.

Fifty-Fifty Lottery Result

The first prize of this lottery is a little higher than the previous two lotteries. This lottery ticket will usually drawn on Wednesdays. 1 Crore Rupees is the first prize of this lottery. And the second prize of this lottery is Rs. 10 lakhs. The consolation Prize is 8000 Rupees. The third Prize is 500. 4th Prize is 2000 Rupees, 5th Prize is 100, 6th 500 and 7th 100 Rupees.

Karuny Plus Lottery Result

Karunya Plus Lottery has started to provide some money and help for poor people who don’t have enough money for treatments. The lottery results will be available on this website every Thursday. The first prize of this lottery is 80 Lakhs, the Second Prize of this lottery is 10 Lakhs, 3rd Prize is 100,000 for Lucky winners. 4th Prize is 5000 Rupees.5th 1000, 6th 500, 7th 100. The result of the Karunya Plus kerala lottery will be available on this website.

Nirmal Lottery Result

The Nirmal Lottery has plenty of Prizes. The first prize for the lucky winner is Rupees 70 Lakhs. The second Prize for the one winner will be 10 Lakh Indian Rupee. The consolation Prize for similar Numbers is Rs.8000. The 3rd Prize for this lottery is One  Lakh Rupees. The fourth Prize is 5000 Rupees. The fifth and sixth prizes are 1000 and 500. The last prize is Rs.100. The result will be available on

Karunya Lottery Result

Karunya lottery winners will get attractive Prizes like other lotteries. The first prize of the lottery is 80 Lakhs Indian Rupee. The second Prize is 5 Lakhs. The consolation Prize is Rs.8000 . The Third Prize for the ticket is 1 Lakh, Fourth Prize for the Karunya kerala Lottery is 5000. 2000,1000,500 and 100 are the other prizes for lucky winners.

Akshaya Lottery Result

Akshaya Lottery is the most popular in Kerala. The ticket is drawn in every Sunday. The prizes are similar to other tickets. The first prize is 70Lakh Indian Rupees. The second Prize is 500,000 INR. The third Prize for the Akshaya Lottery is 1 Lakh Rupee. 5000 Rupees is the 4th Prize of this ticket. 1000,500,100 are the remaining Prizes. Akshaya Kerala Lottery Result will be published on this website every Sunday.


Kerala Lottery Result Time

Kerala Lottery Results will be published after 2.50 PM every day. The complete result will be published in PDF and Non-PDF formats in this website after the official result announcement.